Personal Data

Surname Frank
Name Schroeder
Birthdate 09/06/1978
Birthplace Differdange
Citizenship Luxembourg
Martial Status maried
Children 2

Contact Data


40, route de Longwy
L-4830 Rodange (Luxembourg)

Mobile Phone +352 691 58 31 62
Mail Address

Other Data

Salary no fixed idea yet
Smoker no
Driving Licence B

Soft Skills

Fast and self-learning

Team player but also self-working if needed

Good communication within a team

Fast integration ability

Like to help others

Open to other people

Good communication skills especially when it concerns my knowledge

Sometimes I am focusing too much on a problem, project or issue as I always want to find a solution or a way to make something work. Sometimes with that there is a loss of time but at the end it will almost always work and so it will help in future with the same problem


Language Written Spoken
French C1 C1
German C1 C1
Luxembourgish C1 C2
English C1 C1

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Eliza Family

Star Trek Luxembourg

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Acquired Skills